Welcome to the AutoGreg.

This little application takes the numbers cited by anti-vaccination clown Greg Beattie - as ostensible proof that the pertussis vaccine is ineffective - and demonstrates exactly why Greg is wrong. You can get the background on why this app exists here

To the right are the figures cited by Greg Beattie in his absurd article:

You have to wonder why Greg shrunk the image in his original post. 
				Didn't want people reading the footnotes, perhaps?

In the 2006 census, there were 1.26 million children under four, meaning that if the 95/5 split holds true, around 1.197 million are vaccinated and about 63,000 are unvaccinated. You may tweak the population figure and see what results emerge. You cannot tweak the above table or the 95% figure. They remain constant.

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